iTero HD2.9 Digital Impression System

Dr. Clay is always striving to utilize new technology to benefits his patients. We are proud to announce our latest technology, the iTero HD2.9 Digital Impression System released in January 2013. The iTero simply allows us to digitally scan a prepared tooth and wirelessly send this information directly to the dental laboratory for fabrication of a CAD/CAM crown – without the gooey mess. The wireless transmission saves shipping time and eliminates distortion that can often be found with traditional stone models. We are excited to extend this top quality technique to our patients.

In the past, we used to take an impression by placing a gooey material in your mouth and letting it set for 6 minutes. Today after we finish preparing the tooth, we take a digital scan with our iTero system. The digital scan is, quite literally, digitally perfect. We then deliver the digital scan to our lab where a precision fitting restoration is created.

The Cadent iTero system eliminated the uncomfortable patient experience of traditional impressions, utilizes advanced state of the art digital technology, and provides Dr. Clay and his team with superior fitting restorations with little or no adjustments.

I you have questions about the iTero digital impression system, please contact our office for more information.

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