By Dr. Clay
March 16, 2012
Category: Implants
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A dental implant is a CAD/CAM fabricated titanium artificial root placed in the jaw bone to replace a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. Implants can be placed to support a fixed, permanent bridge and replace ill fitting dentures and partial dentures, or i iiimplants can be placed to stabilize existing dentures and improve comfort, retention and chewing ability, and at the same time preserving the existing jaw bone in the future. Implants can replace hopelessly involved periodontally teeth and support a permanent non-removable set of teeth. 

Implants can be accurately placed in an ideal location with Cone Beam CT 3D Scans, 3D Implant planning software, CAM/CAM manufactured surgical guide, and using Guided Surgery. This advanced technology insures optimum implant placement to fulfill the desired cosmetic and functional expectations or patient.

Implants are very successful long term solutions to replacing missing teeth. Conventional bridges where patient's adjacent teeth next to the missing tooth are ground down to support the bridge typically last 10-15 years, whereas properly placed implants with good  hygiene can last 30 years plus and there is no need to grind down the adjacent teeth.

The discomfort associated with implant placement is minimal and normally less than that of a simple tooth extraction. In many cases the implant can be placed and restored with a temporary crown the same appointment. Dr. Clay measures the stability of the implant at placement with the Ostell which indicates the implant stability measured by an implant stability quotient (ISQ) and determines when the temporary restoration can be placed.

Dr. Clay will discuss all of the implant options for replacing your missing teeth and and work out a treatment plan that is suitable to you. Please make an appointment for your examination and implant consultation.